is a design-driven, award winning full service creative production company based in Los Angeles, CA. We design, create, execute and deliver live action, motion graphics, visual effects, video production, creative content, copy, post production including edit and color correcting. Social, 360, digital, print, UX/UI, VR/AR. We are an integrated collective of designers, artists and storytellers.

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MovieScope Magazine

MovieScope Magazine

Review of Mike Lè Han in the British publication MovieScope Magazine.

The Robots Voice

The Robots Voice

Article on Mike Lè Han's pitch to reboot the Hellraiser franchise.

Variety Magazine

Variety Magazine

World renound film magazine Variety features Mike Lè Han's international multi award winning fantasy film Mrs. Peppercorn.



IO9 Features Hellraiser: Origins pitch trailer and concept art work for the reboot of the Hellraiser franchise.

Latest Work

  • Showreel 2019

  • Coppola Wines Commercial

  • iPhone Commercial

  • Wantable Commercial

  • Nike Commercial

  • Seiko Commercial

  • Adore Me Commercial

  • Mrs. Peppercorn Short Film

  • Hellraiser Film Pitch Promo

  • Red Sonja Film Pitch Promo

  • Britain's Biggest Heists

  • The Brinks Mat Robbery

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